About Our Classes

Ballet targets core strength, flexibility, muscle strength, posture, and alignment. It also has the added benefits of providing personal expression to music, mental stimulation, and there is the aspect of social interaction at each lesson.

All of our classes are offered at competitive rates with wonderful teachers. The classes are always held in proper dance studios with ballet barres, mirrors, and good flooring. We are pleased to offer something for everyone and at different times of day.

Please have look at what is on for our current and upcoming terms, and if there is something you can’t find, let us know what you would like to see on our timetable, and we will do our best to accommodate you

  • Ballet4life is very pleased to remind everyone about the following new classes and new courses that started this month!

    • Beginner Contemporary Dance Course on Tuesdays, starts on 20.01 at 7.15pm, Arts Ed, Studio 110 with Clarissa, late comers welcome!  Register Now!
    • Beginner Contemporary Dance Drop-in Class on Saturdays, starts on 24.01 at 1.15pm , Arts Ed, Studio 301 with Paola
    • New Beginner Pointe class on Saturdays, starts on 24.01 at 12.30pm, Arts Ed, Studio 301 with Paola
    • New Ballet Improvers Drop-in Class on Mondays, starts on 19.01 at 7.15pm, Arts Ed, Studio 110
    • Dances4Life - Move into Wellbeing- Dance & Movement Course: For people with Parkinson's Disease or with other mobility limitations, Course starts on 24.01 at 1.45pm, Arts Ed, Studio 110, places remaining, and late comers welcomed!
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  • Ballet4Life pioneered the way for vocational adult dance education in London. It has successfully delivered top quality ballet and dance classes & courses for adult learners in Greater London for over 11 years.

    Ballet4life has also been a repeat sponsor of local charity drives, donated classes and courses to different charities and local schools,  has brought in international guest artists, and proudly continues to raise the awareness of the benefits and the importance of dance in the community.

Our Locations

Arts Ed School
14 Bath Road, London W4 1LY
Studio 301
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Chiswick Theatre Arts
2 Belmont Road
London W4 5BQ
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Frances Lundy School of Dance
The Hayloft
3 Bond Street
London W4 1QZ
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